Item #140945528 Zebra: Black Cult of Death. David Duke.

Zebra: Black Cult of Death

Naples, FL: INFO, [1979?].

2 pp. Single sheet, printed on both sides measuring 8.5" x 14" Folded in fours, else Near Fine. Scarce, no copies located in OCLC.

A highly weird, disturbing ephemeral item of the crime wave in 1970s California, a denunciation of the spree killings dubbed the Zebra murders by none other than white supremacist activist and politician David Duke. The Zebra murders were one of many high-profile serial killings in the San Francisco area from 1973-1974, but unusual in that four African American (rather than white) men would be convicted, and their targets were white. Speculation at the time from controversial figures like conspiracy theory radio host Mae Brussell alleged that some of the killers were white supremacists wearing black face makeup, in an attempt to stoke racism against black people. This pamphlet of Duke's is interesting in light of that theory, but officialdom seems to be satisfied with the identity of the Zebra murderers, although the total of their victims remains hotly debated, from 15 to possibly 73 or more victims.

Another odd aspect of this flyer is that it is in essence a public book review and advertisement for a 1979 book not by Duke but by another author, Clark Howard, Zebra, published by mainstream publishing houses, Richard Marek and Berkley. An order blank for copies is on the verso.

This flyer represents a strange intersection of true crime and political extremism, penned by the face of the far-right hate movement in the US in the latter part of the 20th century. Item #140945528

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