Stephen King Shot John Lennon. Steve Lightfoot.
Stephen King Shot John Lennon

Stephen King Shot John Lennon

[No Place]: [No Publisher], 1995 [but later].

Stapled photocopied sheets. 27 pp. with loosely inserted single-sided sheet. Near Fine. Uncommon.

No collection of the great American horror author's immense body of work and the various critical and biographical books about him would be complete without this little 'zine, whose author has maintained quite earnestly for many decades that Stephen King (and not Mark David Chapman) shot and killed musician John Lennon on Dec. 8, 1980. The author's van, emblazoned with the very dead-on title "Stephen King Shot John Lennon," was spotted in Maine on numerous occasions in the mid '90s-- probably harassing King, one imagines. Lightfoot maintains a website to this day. Bibliographers take note: the urls in this zine suggest that it is a 21st century version of the text, not a bona fide first from 1995. As for its content, it's about as incoherent as kook letters get, unlikely to persuade anyone of its thesis. But the brazenness of its central assertion, coupled with King's well-deserved status as one America's most beloved authors, guarantees that Stephen King's alleged murder of John Lennon will continue to grace lists of most improbable conspiracy theories for some time to come. Item #140942213

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