Collection of 90 post-situationist and anarchist pamphlets and periodicals. Guy Debord, Raoul Vaneigem, John Zerzan, Jacques Camatte, Stewart Home, John Horelick, Midnight Notes Collective, Jaime Semprun, Bob Brubaker, Ken Knabb, Negation, Liz Verran, Billboard Liberation Front.
Collection of 90 post-situationist and anarchist pamphlets and periodicals
Collection of 90 post-situationist and anarchist pamphlets and periodicals
Collection of 90 post-situationist and anarchist pamphlets and periodicals
Collection of 90 post-situationist and anarchist pamphlets and periodicals

Collection of 90 post-situationist and anarchist pamphlets and periodicals

[Various Places]: [Various], [Late 1960s-1990s].

A Portland, Oregon activist's collection of 90 pamphlets, zines, and periodicals exploring the aftermath and influence of the Paris-based group The Situationist International. That influence was profound on anarchism, even though the group's political orientation was explicitly and sometimes dogmatically Marxist. All manner of Situationist-inspired offshoots are represented here from the post-Left, primitivist anarchism of John Zerzan, Neoism, the French group/periodical L'Encyclopedie des Nuisances, Spectacular Times, French philosopher Jacques Camatte, anti-work philosophy, the Massachusetts-based Midnight Notes Collective, Billboard Liberation Front, to Bay Area post-Situationist groups. Most items are Near Fine with light wear, some old prices penciled on front wraps. Includes a number of scarce items.

Alexander, Richard. Anti-Mass Methods of Organization for Collectives. Dyfed: C.G.H. Services, 1988. [1], 11 pp. Stapled wraps. First edition. A British pamphlet arguing for the use of detournment and other media manipulation strategies by small, decentralized collectives. Anticipates Adbusters and the Occupy movement.

Anonymous. Initiation Rites for Students / Initiation Rites for Professors and Administrators. [Detroit?]: [Black & Red?], [c. 1969?] 2 pp. Single sheet, 8.5" x 11". This appears to be the original Black & Red poster referenced by Les Enrages of Harvard (AKA the Cambridge Situationists) in their reprinting of it. Their version omits some of the illustrations for a colophon and note. Scarce.

Anonymous. Paris: May 1968. London: Dark Star Press & Rebel Press, 1986. 55 pp. Eye-witness account o the Situationists' golden hour. Reprint of Solidarity Pamphlet No.30 of 1968.

Anonymous. The Rndom Surrealist A Party. [No Place]: [No Publisher], [[Late 1990s?]. Small staplebound zine with black and white illustrations.

Anti-Authoritarians Anonymous. Desiring. Eugene: Anti-Authoritarians Anonymous, [1988?]. Stapled zine. The Situationist concept of "the liberation of desire" (Vaneigem's invention) would carry over into post-Situ and then post-Left anarchist discourse, most notably in the title of the long-running American anarchist periodical Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed.

Anti-Authoritarians Anonymous. Adventures in Subversion: Flyers and Posters, 1981-85. San Francisco: Oh Press!, [No Date]. Unpaginated. Stapled wraps. 8.5 x 11". The collected works of the Post-Situ group comprised of John Zerzan, who gained national notoreity for his endorsement of the Unabomber and his later works of Primitivist anarchist philosophy, and Dan Todd. Many of these graphics would be reprinted in AJODA.

Aptheker, Herbert. Marxism: Demise or Renewal. Berkeley: Marxist Library for Social Research, 1990. 13 pp. Stapled wraps.

Barrot, Jean. What is Situationism: Critique of the Situationist International. London: Unpopular Books, 1987. 55, [1] pp. Stapled wraps.

- Another copy. Fort Bragg, CA: Flatland Books, 1991. 52 pp. Stapled wraps.

Billboard Liberation Front & Friends. The Art & Science of Billboard Improvement. San Francisco: [Los Cabrones Pres, [No Date]. Stapled wraps, handcolored. 12 pp. First edition. Rare melding of street art and the Situationist concept of detournement. No copies in OCLC of this edition; it was reprinted and expanded in subsequent editions.

Blissett, Luther [Pseudonym]. Guy Debord is Really Dead. London: Sabotage Editions, 1995. 40 pp. Stapled wraps. A Neoist meditation on the shortcomings of the Situationists.

Bound-Together Books. Bound-Together Anarchist Collective Bookstore Catalog. San Francisco: Bound-Together Books, 1989. 33 , [1] pp. Stapled wraps. Postmarked with former owner's address written on back wrap.

Bree, Pierre; Jean-Pierre Voyer. Protestation devant les libertaires du présent et du futur sur les capitulations de 1980. Paris: Institut de Prehistoire Contemporaine, [1980]. Unpaginated. Wraps. Text in French. Uncommon.

Brubaker, Bob. Anarchism and the Critique of Technology. San Francisco: Upshot, [1980s]. Four-panel brochure. First edition. Published by future Green/ Primitivist Anarchist John Zerzan's pro-situ group in the Bay Area, Upshot.

Bufe, Chaz. You Can't Blow Up a Social Relationship: the Anarchist Case Against Terrorism. San Francisco: Arcata Press, 1985. 22, [1] pp.

Camatte, Jacques [Editor]. Invariance Annee IX - Serie III N. 2. Naples: La Vecchia Talpa, 1976. 124 pp. Wraps. Text in French. An uncommon Left-Communist periodical that anticipated the Primitivist turn in Anarchism and Post-Leftism in the 1990s. Rare.

Camatte, Jacques. The Wandering of Humanity. Detroit: Black and Red, 1975. 64 pp. Illustrated wraps. First English-language edition. A very early translation of the French post-Left radical's work into English. Uncommon in commerce.

Castoriadis, Cornelius. History as Creation. London: Solidarity, [No Date]. 56 pp. Stapled wraps.

Collu, Giani; Jacques Camatte. On Organization. Chicago & Detroit: Newspace & Beni Memorial Library, [No Date]. 40 pp. Stapled wraps. An English translation of an essay from Camatte's long-running French periodical Invariance.

Cooperstein, Robert. The Crisis of the Gross National Spectacle. Berkeley: The Author, 1973. 14 pp. Stapled wraps.

Debord, Guy. Comments on the Society of the Spectacle. Sheffield, UK: Pirate Press, 1991. [12] pp. in bicolumnar format. Stapled wraps.

[Debord, Guy]. The Decline and Fall of the "Spectacular" Commodity-Economy. [No Place]: Frontier Press [1970]. 10 pp. Fine in stapled wrappers and integral printed dust jacket. An essay on the riots in Watts that appeared originally in the Situationist International, December 1965. Staples a little rusted, small stain to front wrap.

Debord, Guy. Preface to the Fourth Italian Edition of the Society of the Spectacle. London: Chronos Publications, 1983. 23 pp. Stapled wraps.

Denevert, Daniel. Theory of Misery, Misery of Theory: Report on the New Conditions of Revolutionary Theory. Paris: CRQS, 1974. 16 pp. Stapled wraps. First English-language edition. Tiny stain to front wrap. A post-mortem on the Situationist International and recommendations for future political strategies.

Echanges et Mouvement. The Refusal of Work: Facts and Discussions. London: Echanges et Mouvement, [1979?]. 64 pp. Stapled wraps. A translation of a pamphlet first published in France in 1978, probable reprint from '90s or later.

Feral. Fight the Celebration / By Celebrating the Fight: Come Out and Play!. Portland: Feral, [1992]. Single-sided 8.5" x 11" flyer. Appears to be an anti-500-year-anniversary of Columbus Day flyer with a anti-work, Vaneigem-influenced argument. Two copies.

Gregoire, R. & Fredy Perlman. Worker-Student Action Committees France May '68. 96 pp. Stapled wraps.

[Hischak, Gregory]. Farm Pulp Magazine #16 Jan/Feb. 1993. Seattle: Farm Pulp Magazine, 1993. 24 pp. Stapled wraps. A Situationist-influenced art zine.

Home, Stewart. Art Strike Handbook. London: Sabotage Editions, 1989. 40 pp. Stapled wraps. First edition. A manifesto of the Neoist movement.

Home, Stewart. Plagiarism: Art as Commodity and Strategies for its Negation. London: Aporia Press, 1987. 30 pp. Stapled wraps. First edition, second impression. A key manifesto in Home's Neoism movement/ self-mythos.

Horelick, Jon. Diversion 1. Brooklyn: Diversion, 1973. 56 pp. Metallic stapled wraps. Front wrap creased, rubbed. A short-lived American version of the French publication L'Internationale Situationniste with a very similar design.

The Immediasts. Seizing the Media (The Immediast Underground Pamphlet Series). Westfield, NJ: Open Media, 1992. 26 pp. Small staplebound zine.

The Institute of Media Deconstruction. Smashing the Image Factory: A Complete Manual of Billboard Subversion and Destruction. Oxford, UK: The Institute of Media Deconstruction, [1990s]. Image detournment how to guide. Three copies in OCLC.

[Klein, Hans Joachim]. The German Guerilla: Terror, Reaction, and Resistance. Orkney & Minneapolis: Cienfuegos Press & Soil of Liberty, 1991. 106 pp. Stapled wraps. A look at the violent German Left of the 1970s.

Knabb, Ken [Editor]. Bureau of Public Secrets 1. 40 pp. Stapled wraps. First edition of the first communique from American Situationist historian and activist Ken Knabb's BOPS.

Knabb, Ken. Double-Reflection. Berkeley: Bureau of Public Secrets, 1974. 16 pp. Stapled wraps. First edition.

Knabb, Ken. The Realization and Suppression of Religion. Berkeley: Bureau of Public Secrets, 1977. 15, [1] pp. Stapled wraps.

Knabb, Ken; Daniel Denevert [Translator]. Remarques sur le groupe Contradiction et son échec. Berkeley: Bureau of Public Secrets, 1973 [but actually 1974]. 16 pp. A French-language translation of Knabb's critique of the Bay Area Pro-Situ group Contradiction.

Law, Larry. Spectacular Times. London: Spectacular Times, 1980s-'90s. Pocketbook Series Nos. 1&2 (double issue), 3, 4, 7, 8&9 (double issue), 10 (two copies), 11, 12, 13, 14, with the unnumbered books Revolutionary Self-Theory: A Beginner's Manual (two copies in different formats), A True Historie & Account of the PYRATE Captain Mission[..], and Buffo!. Most issues are reprints, typically early 1990s.

Lawson, John. Reichian Energetics. Portland, OR: The Author, [No Date]. Folded brochure advertising healing techniques inspired by the work of psychologist, author, and inventor Wilhelm Reich. Horizontal crease.

Lawson, John. Reichian Energetics Further Topics. Portland, OR: The Author, 1989. Stapled wraps. 13 pp.

Lutwidge, Charles. A Modest Proposal for How the Bad Old Days will End. Palo Alto: Reinvention of Everyday Life, 1975. 6 pp. Tabloid newspaper format.

[Marx, Karl]. The Fetish Speaks!. Detroit: Black & Red, 1973. Accordion-folded pamphlet produced by Fredy Perlman's Black & Red Press pairing Marx's thoughts with illustrations.

Members of the Internationale Situationniste and Students of Strasbourg. On the Poverty of Student Life. London: Dark Star Press and Rebel Press, 1985. 32 pp. Stapled wraps.

Michelson, Louis. Everyday Love... the Last Refuge, and the Last Closet of Desire! Milwaukie, OR: Lust for Life! 1976. 5 pp. Stapled wraps. Appears to be an anarchist pamphlet arguing for "the liberation of desire," a common theme in Green Anarchist and post-Situationist discourse; may be associated with John Zerzan. No copies found in OCLC; rare.

Midnight Notes Collective. Midnight Notes Issues 3, 4, 6 -10. Jamaica Plain, MA: Midnight Notes, 1980-1990. Seven issues in total. Uncommon early issues of the Masssachusetts-based radical, gay-positive collective started by Monty Neill, Hans Widmer (aka p.m.), George Caffentzis, John WiIlshire Carrerra, and The Many Headed Hydra author Peter Linebaugh.

Negation. The Negation of the Negation. Berkeley: Negation, 1973. 16 pp. Side-stapled mimeographed sheets. Revised edition. Faint horizontal crease. An uncommon publication by a Bay Area post-situ group.

NLC. Meeting w/ Verlaan. San Francisco: NLC, 1975. 8 pp. Side-stapled wraps. An interview with American Situationist Tony Verlaan about the organization's demise.

Peacott, Joe; Jerry Kaplan [Bibliography]; Marshall [Photographs]. Individualism Reconsidered. Boston: B.A.D. Press, 1991. Second printing. A publication of the Boston Anarchist Drinking Brigade.

Perlman, Fredy. The Reproduction of Daily Life. Detroit: Black & Red, 1972. 24 pp. Stapled wraps. First edition.

[Rosemont, Franklin]. Bugs Bunny. [No Place]: [No Publisher], [No Date]. Single-sided sheet. Reprinted from the catalog of the 1976 World Surrealist Exhibition.

Rosemont, Franklin et al. What Are You Going to Do About It? Number One, October 1992. Black Swan Press, Evanston, IL, 1992. 4 pp. Folded tabloid. The Chicago Surrealists poetry, art, on the 500 year anniversary of Columbus' landing in America.

Seattle's Haymarket Remembered Project. Mob Action Against the State. 140 pp. Stapled wraps, a little stained; edges a bit foxed.

Semprun, Jamie [Editor]. L'Encyclopedie des Nuisances Nos. 1-13. Paris: L'Encyclopedie des Nuisances, 1984-1988. Stapled wraps. A nearly complete run (lacking the final two issues) of an uncommon French radical, post-Situationist periodical. L'Encyclopedie des Nuisances was also the name of the political group centered around Semprun. Guy Debord contributed several articles to the publication, often anonymously.

Simon, Henri. The New Movement. London: Solidarity, [No Date]. 14 pp. Side-stapled wraps. Solidarity Pamphlet #51.

S.M.I.R.K. Stop U.S. Intervention in My Life. Milwaukie, OR: S.M.I.R.K., [1980s?]. Single sided 8.5 x 11" yellow sheet. Horizontal crease. A scarce flyer advocating a Vaneigem-style "revolution of everyday life" that goes beyond Leftist politics and anti-imperialism.

Solanas, Valerie. SCUM Manifesto. [No Place]: AIM & Phoenix Press, [No Date]. 24 pp. Stapled wraps.

Vaneigem, Raoul. Desolation Row. [New York, NY]: Come!Unity Press, [1970s]. 4 pp. Single-sheet foded once, blue type on white paper. English-language leaflet that reproduces a "freely translated excerpt from Raoul Vaneigem’s Traite de Savoir-vire a l’usage des jeune generations, 1967" (p.4), along with quotes from a Jack-the-Ripper letter, a brief excerpt from En Avant Dada by Richard Huelsenbeck, and graffiti from “France, May 68." Does not have stamp of Post-Situ group Upshot, as some copies apparently do. Rare. Two copies found in OCLC, not referenced in Ford or the online "Bibliography of American Pro-Situationists."

Vaneigem, Raoul. On Living. Palo Alto: The Re-Invention of Everyday Life, [No Date]. Single-sided folded sheet. An illustrated poem by the Situationist philosopher, translated into English with a handy chord chart, so that one can make it into a song! Scarce with a single institutional copy located in OCLC, no copies in the trade.

Voyer, Jean-Pierre; Ken Knabb [Translator]. Reich How to Use. Berkeley: Bureau of Public Secrets, 1973. Foldout brouchure to go with poster, not present. Underlining in ink.

Verran, Liz. Anarchism and Feminism. [No Place]: [No Publisher], [No Date]. 24 pp. Unbound photocopied booklet. An offprint of a British Direct Action Movement/ International Workers' Association pamphlet, may be unauthorized reprint.

Work & Pay. Work & Pay: An Anti-Authoritarian Bi-Monthly Volume 1, No 1. San Francisco: Work and Pay c/ Haight Ashbury Switchboard, 1980. 8 pp. Folded newsprint. The first issue of two published; anti-work article "The Politics of Theft." Two holdings located in OCLC. Item #140942203

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