26 various anti-Vietnam war pieces of ephemera
26 various anti-Vietnam war pieces of ephemera
26 various anti-Vietnam war pieces of ephemera

26 various anti-Vietnam war pieces of ephemera

np: [Various].

All in Very Good or better condition. One is a duplicate. Sold as a lot.

1. New York: Student Mobilization Committee, [?]. "All U.S. Forces OUT of S.E. Asia NOW! Join the Student Mobilization Committee." Single sheet folded in fourths.

2. New York: Episcopal Peace Fellowship, [?]. "Which Way Are You Going? Counsel for Men Facing the Draft." Single sheet folded in fourths.

3. Oakland: East Bay Branch [of the International Socialists], [?]. "Stop our Ship! Alameda State Park, Oakland, CA. Non-voyage celebration." by the International Socialists. 8.5 x 11" sheet, folded in thirds, penciled notes.

4. Cambridge: Vietnam Summer Publications Department, 1967. "Draft Counseling Centers." 20 pp. 8.5" x 11" sheets stapled at top margin. Last page detached. Date stamped on front cover.

5. New York: Fort Hood Three Defense Committee, 1967. "The Fort Hood Three." Single-sided 8.5" x 17" sheet. Folded twice with handwritten note on verso in pencil, "wod[?] Donate to Vietnam Summer Campaign."

6. [np]: [No Publisher], [1970?]. "If you are for peace, don't use this symbol" by Jamie Buckingham, reprinted from Christian Life magazine. Double-sided 8.5" x 11" orange sheet reprinting a Christian article about the peace symbol that argued it is satanic, including a quote from Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey.

7. Vancouver, BC: Committee to Aid American War Objectors, 1967. "Immigration to Canada and its relation to the Draft." 4 pp. 8.5" x 11" Feb. 1967 revised version, stamped Jun 17, 1967 on front cover, price of two cents penciled there as well.

8. Berkeley: Vietnam Day Committee, [1965]. "Attention All Military Personnel." 2 pp. Single sheet, folded once at bottom to fit with 8.5" x 11" documents.

9. [np]: [No Publisher], [?]. "the tide can't be stopped!" Single 8.5 x 11" sheet, recto only.

10. Palo Alto: [No Publisher], [?]. "Direct Action Oakland Induction Center, Oct. 17: Take the bus! Stop the Draft with us!" Single 8.5 x 11" sheet, recto only, folded in thirds.

11. Berkeley: The Resistance, [1967]. "Why Should You Be Drafted?" Single 8.5 x 11" sheet, recto only. Date of Oct 4 1967 stamped on bottom corner.

12. Palo Alto: Concerned Citizens, 1967. "Prison Sentence for Redwood City Boy Who Balks at 'Kill! Kill! Kill!'" Single sheet folded in thirds and mailed with former owner's address, stamp and postmark on verso.

13. Berkeley: Vietnam Day Committee, [1965]. "Vietnam Day Committee tentative program for October 15th & 16th International Day of Protest at Berkeley Campus & Oakland Army Terminal." Single sheet printed on both sides, folded in thirds, toned, staple hole in top margin.

14. Washington, D.C.: The New Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam, 1969. "March on Washington November 15" with letter from Dr. Benjamin Spock (the childcare expert, not the neck-pinching Vulcan) on verso. Single sheet printed on both sides, folded in thirds, toned.

15. Palo Alto: Ad Hoc Committee for Vietnam Week, c/o Concerned Citizens, 1967. "National Mass Mobilization to End the War in Vietnam Now!" Single sheet printed on both sides, folded in thirds, toned, staple holes.

16. [np]: [No Publisher], [1967]. "Community Based Draft Resistance." 10 pp. Stapled wraps. Stamped "Oct 4 1967" on bottom corner of first page.

17. [np]: [No Publisher], [1967]. "Press Release-- For Immediate Release" Single 8.5 x 11" sheet printed on recto only, announcing with tongue planted firmly in cheek that California governor (and future US President) Ronald Reagan had been re-educated and "will be working as an anti-war organizer in the Tarzana area for the rest of the summer."

18. Santa Ana, CA: The Joe Hill Collective, [?]. "POWs ~ The Big Lie (Special Report)" 4 pp. Single folded newsprint sheet. Two copies.

19. New York: American Servicemen's Union, [1973]. "Veterans Demand Justice... Vietnam Era Veterans March on Washington May 19 / Veteranos de la epoca de Vietnam marchemos en Washington el 19 de mayo." Single sheet, English on one side, Spanish on the other. 1973 dated penciled on bottom corner of Spanish side.

20. New York: Vietnam Moratorium Committee, [1971]. "Give Earth a Chance." Single sheet printed on recto only folded in thirds, date written in pencil on verso.

21. San Francisco: Northern California Peace Action Coalition, Student Mobilization Committee, [?]. "March on Washington & San Francisco Sunday, May 21" Poster folded in half, band name for S.F. psych rockers Sons of Champlin underlined in red marker.

22. [np]: [April 22 Coalition], [1972]. "I Can't Believe They Thought We'd Eat the Whole Thing. We Won't Swallow it!" 4 pp. folded in eighths, toned. Date stamped on bottom corner of first and third pages.

23. New York: Fifth Avenue Vietnam Peace Parade Committee, [1969]. "9,000 GIs Killed in Vietnam Since the Paris Talks Started May 5, 1968!" 4 pp., folded down middle. Dated "March 1969" written in pencil on last page.

24. Berkeley: Vietnam Day Committee, [?]. "MOTHER AND CHILD [and on verso] If you met the man whose wife and child you see on the other side of this leaflet, roasted to death by American napalm bombs[...]" Small sheet printed on both sides in red ink.

25. San Francisco: Spring Mobilization Committee, [1967]. "Let's Stop This War" reprinted the article "A Casualty of War" by Arthur Hoppe from The San Francisco Chronicle. Single sheet printed on rectos only. Small chip to edge. Item #140941687

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