Item #140940600 Duncan Clark's / Jan. 13th / Lady Minstrels. Duncan Clark.

Duncan Clark's / Jan. 13th / Lady Minstrels

[no place]: [Duncan Clark].

[ca. 1870] Single handbill printed on recto only measuring roughly 6" x 5.25", announcing "Duncan Clark's / Jan. 13th / Lady Minstrels." No stranger to trouble with the law, what manager Clark advertised as a traveling "Lady Minstrel" show contained several men in drag. A performance which audiences across late 19th-century America found risque at the time, the Shreveport Times, hailed Clark's show was "the most obscene aggregation that has ever disgraced the American stage." In Chicago, audiences were outraged by Clark's show for it's female performers dressing too revealing and dancing too suggestively, though law enforcement singled out the drag aspect of the show to crack down upon. Item #140940600

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