Three-page TLS with Speech. L. Fletcher Prouty, Bruce Adamson.
Three-page TLS with Speech
Three-page TLS with Speech

Three-page TLS with Speech

(Alexandria, VA): None, 1993.

Three-page typed signed letter from L. Fletcher Prouty to JFK researcher Bruce Adamson, dated June 1, 1993. Fine, tri-folded. Prouty corrects Adamson's statements about the Bay of Pigs invasion, noting the unusual composition of the Cuban Study Group, which included CIA head Allen Dulles, conservative admiral Arleigh Burke, and JFK's own brother Bobby. Prouty states, "It is pure slanderous propaganda to say that the [Cuban] operation failed because Kennedy did not order out U.S. air cover; but JFK detractors by the hundreds have been saying that to destroy the Kennedy record." He suggests Adamson get "a copy of ZAPATA" (probably Gary Aguilar's 1981 book Operation ZAPATA)."On the other hand, if you choose to use that statement please be certain not to link my name with any of this work in any way whatsoever."

He also disagrees with Adamson's characterization of George de Mohrenschildt as insane before his death and as Lee Harvey Oswald's "'closest' friend," writing "Last week Marina called me and we talked about an hour. She does not speak of him in that way." He then corrects a number of other points in Adamson's work, such as distinguishing between two oil companies called Zapata. The letter ends with a note of encouragement.

Includes two postmarked envelopes with Prouty's address label and recipient's name hand-written, a 35 page photocopied speech from Prouty, "The Secret History of the United States 1943-1990," and a later (c. 2005) 12 page photocopied 'zine from Adamson. The inscription on the speech's first page is photocopied, not hand-written.

Prouty was the basis of the character "Mr.X" played by Donald Sutherland in Oliver Stone's film JFK. He had been Chief of Special Operations under the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President Kennedy, wrote the books The Secret Team and JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy, and was a prominent figure in the conspiracy research community until his death in 2001. Item #140937736

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